RUDI WEISSENSTEIN : Israel Early Photographs

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These rare black-and-white photographs, some of which have never been previously published, reveal Israel layer by layer, starting from the 1930s.

Artist Rudi Weissenstien
Title Israel Early Photographs
Year 2008
Medium Hardcover - slightly damaged
Size 28,9 x 26,8 cm
Pages 176
Language English

The book is a journey through time to the virginal landscapes, the streets of the cities, and the landmark events and those of lesser significance. The book offers a loving view of the people who started everything here. Rudi Weissenstein, 1910-1992, immigrated to pre-State of Israel, Palestine, in 1936, with a camera, a press card and 10 Palestine pounds in his pocket. His dedication and love of photography soon made him one of the most professional and well-respected photographers in the country. All the country´s "who’s who" made the pilgrimage to his photography store, the Tzalmania. Rudi Weissenstein immortalized the amazing creation and establishment of the new country with a quarter of a million negatives, with pictures that became milestones of Israeli culture.