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ARTIST Masao Yamamoto
TITLE Sasanami
YEAR 2020
MEDIUM Hardcover
SIZE 22,7 x 24,5 cm
MISC In collaboration with Akira Uchida

Re-print / Second Edition
This book comes with a download for the music by Akira Uchida


Sasanami (IIKKI 012) is the result of a dialog between the photographer Masao Yamamoto and the musician and composer Akira Uchida initiated by IIKKI between October 2019 and August 2020. The complete project works in two physical imprints: a book and a disc (vinyl or cd). It should be experienced in different manners : the book watched alone, the disc listened to alone, the book and the disc watched and listened to together.

"Sasanami: Sound becomes waves and creates space, where a story is spun that transcends time and space, just like Noh. Something gentle in that space. Its presence is not definite, it simply exists there. I want to share with you the scene of how the individual and the space are connected."