KATRIEN DE BLAUWER : cheveux longs... cheveux courts

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"The chapters in this new FIFTY ONE Publication could be named after iconic French actresses that have made us dream, but could as well be the anonymous women that have crossed our path in Paris’s streets or on a sunny country lane and for a moment taken our breath away. They all might be Katrien. And this is how I’d like you to dive into cheveux longs... cheveux courts." 
(Roger Szmulewicz, owner of Gallery FIFTY ONE)

ARTIST Katrien De Blauwer
TITLE cheveux longs... cheveux courts
YEAR 2019
MEDIUM Softcover
SIZE 21 x 15 cm
MISC A FIFTY ONE Publication

 The FIFTY ONE Publication 'cheveux longs… cheveux courts' is released on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at Gallery FIFTY ONE, Antwerp (BE), 10.09 - 26.10.2019.