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ARTIST Jean-Dominique Burton
TITLE Visions
YEAR 2022
PUBLISHER Prisme Editions
MEDIUM Hardcover
SIZE 29,7 x 29,7 cm
LANGUAGE French & English


Visions brings together a retrospective of Burton’s work that takes us across the globe, often to some astonishing places, on a journey of discovery of a beautiful world, enriched by the human beings and their cultures that inhabit it. These are Jean-Dominique Burton’s Visions. But it is also the story of his life, filled with wonderful encounters. « Everything is a portrait », he likes to say. If it is also true, as the saying goes, that portraits are only ever self-portraits, this is also the case with Jean-Dominique Burton’s work. Each of his Visions is exactly that: it is him we see in the faces and the smiles, in what they evoke. It is through them that we see the way he contemplates the world, sometimes questioning it, often marvelling at it. The greatness of the human soul that Jean-Dominique Burton has taken care to reveal over five decades of his work, is nothing but a reflection of his own.