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ARTIST Jean-Dominique Burton
TITLE Porto-Novo
YEAR June 2011

Exhibition International

MEDIUM Hardcover
SIZE 30,2 x 30,5 cm
LANGUAGE French and English


Through his photographs of Porto-Novo, Benin's historic capital, Jean-Dominique Burton shows us a city steeped in history but also turned towards the future: it is equally vibrant and at peace, undying but at risk. A city's foundation lies both in its architecture and its memories. Each must be cared for. Constructions can be supported, can be rebuilt and preserved. Memories are kept within families, by story-tellers and through legends. As we follow Jean-Dominique through the streets of Porto-Novo, both the urgent need to preserve this memory and the modern, vibrant life of the city spring to life before our eyes. This contemporary reality is that of an African city that grows day by day on the bedrock of a rich and contrasted history. In a hundred years' time, Porto-Novo shall be an ultramodern city provided it has managed to safeguard its distinctive past and identity. This visual journey through the city's heart reveals all the life, strength and beauty that must now be kept safe from harm.