FRANK HORVAT : Photographic Autobiography

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Pioneering fashion photographer Frank Horvat (*1928 in Abbazia, Italy, today Opatija, Croatia),  looks back at more than seventy years of activity and a dazzling career.

ARTIST Frank Horvat
TITLE Photographic Autobiography
YEAR 2016
MEDIUM Softcover
SIZE 22 x 20,30 cm

The grand seigneur now grants us personal insight into his private world with an autobiography in pictures, revealing moments from each phase of his life - from infancy to adulthood. We encounter themes of birth and death, bear witness to his playful nature, and get a close look at his family and friends, including Saul Leiter, Josef Koudelka, Mario Giacomelli and Edouard Boubat. These are everyday images that one might find in any photo album, with one slight difference of course: a master was at work here from early on. Horvat’s commentary accompanies the images throughout to reveal a complete portrait of the man behind the lens.