DIRK ZOETE: The Cactus Derivatives - SPECIAL EDITION

$317.00 excl. vat

Special edition including the book (signed and numbered by the artist) and an original unique drawing.

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GALLERY FIFTY ONE is proud to present a new FIFTY ONE publication of Dirk Zoete.

This new body of work by Dirk Zoete has particularly seduced me, as the vegetal world—and flowers in particular—appeals to me a lot. It delights me to bundle this work in a FIFTY ONE Publication.
Dirk has created these imaginary botanical creatures that he clusters into ‘cactus derivatives.’ One can discern characters, phalluses, female genitals, fairground amusements, and so much more in these genuine shapes, depending on one’s mindset. Or could we read them as his own ‘fleurs du mal’? (From the introduction by Roger Szmulewicz)

ARTIST Dirk Zoete
TITLE The Cactus Derivatives - SPECIAL EDITION
YEAR 2020
MEDIUM Pencil on paper
SIZE 21 x 15 cm
MISC Signed and numbered