JOHAN DE WILDE: Hands of Time: Plein été

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ARTIST Johan De Wilde
TITLE Hands of Time: Plein été
YEAR 2017
MER. Paper Kunsthalle
MEDIUM Soft cover
SIZE 29,7 x 21 cm
LANGUAGE French and Dutch

Five years after the widely acclaimed Hands of Time, the second volume appears: Hands of Time - Plein été. It became a survey of drawings and other works from 2012-2017. The two volumes fit together seamlessly.
If possible, Johan De Wilde's work seems to have become even more intense, his drawing style explored new layers. The drawings can be seen as the work of a human printer. They are constructed like paintings: a labor-intensive process, layer after layer of horizontal and vertical lines and in between interwoven a form, a shape.
It is as if he is drawing the canvas on which he is painting with his pencils.
Johan De Wilde actually draws time on a scale of 1/1: while his and our time slips by appeared lines, also the reason why he gives almost every drawing the title History + a number.