SANDRO MILLER: CROWNS: My Hair, My Soul, My Freedom (signed)

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Signed by the artist!

ARTIST Sandro Miller
YEAR 2021
MEDIUM Hard cover
SIZE 35 x 30 cm
LANGUAGE English & French
MISC Foreword by Angela Bassett and a poem from Patricia Smith

 The author shared the pointed, upbeat ideal of Black self-expression and idealization. Sandro Miller is a 60-year-old Caucasian male with ancestral roots in Italy, Germany, and America. He is married to a most beautiful 47-year-old Black woman, Claude- Aline Nazaire, whose ancestral roots are in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and America. His beautiful wife was the inspiration for this photographic project, a documentation of the creative, prideful, and personally expressive reality that announces Black heritage and Black tradition. Miller shared the pointed, upbeat ideal of Black self-expression and idealization.

He documented body art and many unspoken ways in which Black women declare their freedom – by choice and sensibility – by sculpting their managed, structured hair. Each portrait in this project recognizes and honors women’s inventive power and beauty while celebrating, at the same time, their social endurance and cultural memory – the triumph of biology and genetics.

Sandro Miller (b. 1958) is considered one of the world’s foremost advertising photographers.